Thank you, Grow Music Project!

When we were selected to participate in the Grow Music Project a few months ago, I think we were all a bit skeptical.  For those of you not completely familiar with Grow Music Project (GMP), it is a new organization/project headed by Chris Tyng out in Santa Barbara, California.  Their story is they want to pay their good fortunes and success forward to promising independent artists.

So - what's the catch ... right?  Were they going to somehow make us sign some document in bat blood that promised the naming rights to our first born children, maybe some requirements to work in a Scandinavian Circus ... or would we just owe them like 50 grand???  Well, as we've come to fully find out - there is NO CATCH.  The Grow Music project team is made up of truly generous, caring and amazingly talented people who have taught us more about songwriting, recording and hard work than we've learned in years.

The Grow Music Project was easily our best experience we've had as a band.  We simply cannot put into words how thankful we are for the love, time and energy their team put into Instant Empire over our 5 days working with them in California.  During our time there they took us into their homes (complete strangers and easily a group of guys considered quasi-insane by any standard definition of sanity), they fed us, they washed us (okay - that's not true), they taught us a ton and they worked our asses off.

All in all, this was an incredible experience.  We recommend that ANY and ALL bands out there apply to work with GMP next year.  They only take a few bands each year, but it's worth the time to apply.

As for Instant Empire, we recorded a brand new song called "Dead Air".  The GMP Team filmed the entire process and we should be releasing our video diary of our entire GMP experience sometime in the next few weeks.  We can't wait until you hear the song and see the video.

We hope everyone is well - we are playing a number of shows this summer and will keep you all updated on the recording of the full album.


Instant Empire